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"BN Trocs" Branded Sets

Sets From France

Set NameYearNo. in SetVariationsNo. inc. VariationsKnown Errors
The Mask BN Troc's Volants199530 (1-30)Yes60No
Indiana Jones BN Trocs199550 (1-50)No50No
Indiana Jones Super BN Trocs199530 (51-80)No30No
Indiana Jones Mega BN Trocs199520 (81-100)No20No
Indiana Jones Magic BN Trocs199520 (101-120)No20No
Indiana Jones Volant BN Trocs199520 (121-140)No20No
Spiderman Spider-BN199630 (#-##)Yes57No
Sonic The Hedgehog BN Troc's Fluo?30 (1-30)No30No

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